Holidays By The Sea

It’s time to take a vacation! Summer is obviously not yet arrived  … The sun did not show much to the greatest despair of all!

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Sea, mountain, countryside? But which destination to choose for this summer 2017? We give you the right reasons to go to the seaside this summer (not to mention the obvious reason to see a great ray of sunshine!). Do not wait any longer to book your holiday rental at the seaside.

The first reason to go to sea during the summer holidays is of course the beach (of fine sand!) And the multitude swimming in translucent water. How to call this moment of relaxation already? Happiness ! So yes, by the sea, nothing is better than to spread his towel on the sand, sunbathe, soak his feet then his body in the water and come back to dry in the sun! It is certainly not in the mountains that this would be possible …

All winter we have a pale complexion, a sick look … And as soon as there is a glimpse in the mirror …. It’s a catastrophe ! It is time to remedy this recurring complaint. Our solution: THE SUN. Let yourself go and go by the sea this summer, bask in the sun for long afternoons. Who does not dream of a balmy complexion to look good on coming home?
The west coast (rentals in Aquitaine, France rentals in Moraira, Spain, rentals in the Vendée) or the south-east of France (rentals in Provence-Alpe-Cote d’Azur) are waiting for you!
Who has never confessed that the encounters were happening at the seaside, on a sandy beach and at a sunset? No one ! Singles at heart lost destination sea is made for you this summer!

Image courtesy of SpanishSun

If you have children, the beach is the paradise for them to have fun. Whether in the water or on the sand trying to make the most beautiful sand castle, they will not see the hours pass and you either. Be careful to always keep an eye on them nevertheless.

During a holiday by the sea, it is possible and advisable to alternate between day sightseeing (museums, discovery of a city, walks in the streets etc …) and day lazing by the water. We must of course know how to make the difference! This is a perfect organization for a serene, relaxing but also cultural holiday!

What should you not forget in your suitcase during your stay at the seaside?
The essential kit beach: sunscreen, swimsuit, sunglasses, beach towel, hat, light clothes and especially water bottle.
The kit kids: sunscreen, armband, hat, swimwear, water bottle, snack and sand toys.

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We wish you a wonderful holiday, by the water or by the pool!