Donald Trump

Introducing Donald

The 70-year-old New York populist billionaire Donald Trump, who was not taken seriously as a political novice, crushed all his opponents in the Republican primaries for the 2016 presidential election in the United States before winning On 8 November. He will be invested on January 20, succeeding Barack Obama. Promising America’s order and security, the real estate tycoon and television host distinguished himself by his iconoclastic positions but also his outrageous and sexist style, which divides his own party.


Unpredictable, he won over the favorite democrat polls, Hillary Clinton, confronted in three televised presidential debates. Since then, he has been his future administration for the White House. He is married to Melania Trump.


Trump’s Past

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in 2004 Trump starred in a reality show, The Apprentice. The success was immediate and the program pulverized audience records (28 million viewers on the night of the first season finale). Donald Trump lends himself to the game and takes control of the presentation of the game for several seasons. An extravagant character, his popularity continues to climb. The concept is declined in many countries. In France, it is the M6 ​​channel that adapts the concept with The Apprentice, who will get the job? Presented by Bruno Bonnell and broadcast from September 2015.


In June 2015, the billionaire was back on the political front almost twenty years after his first candidacy for Republican primaries in 1996. He chose the hall of the Trump Tower in New York to launch his candidacy for Republican primaries Of the presidential election of 2016. On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States.


On the privacy side, Donald Trump married Ivana Zelnickova, Czech athlete and model in 1977. The couple has three children; Donald Trump Jr (born in 1977), Ivanka (born in 1981) and Eric (born in 1984). In 1993, he married in second wedding – one year after his divorce from Ivana – Marla Maples, of which he had a daughter, Tiffany (born in 1993). But the couple divorced in 1999. Since January 2005, Donald Trump is married to the Slovenian model Melania Knauss. They have a son, Barron William, born in 2006. He is also the grandfather of seven grandchildren.

The Future With Trump



Donald Trump has already begun to revisit some of his proposals, forgetting some and mitigating others. What would President Donald Trump’s first term look like? Here are his main proposals to test the reality.


One of the main concerns about Donald Trump’s coming to power is climate. The billionaire had estimated in 2012 that climate change was a hoax hoaxed by the Chinese to weaken the competitiveness of US industries. And he announced several times during his campaign that would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

The future president has however put water in his wine since. On November 23, he told an interview in the New York Times that he was “open-minded” on the issue, adding, “We’ll look at it very carefully.”

Donald Trump also conceded that there was “a link, something” between global warming and human activities. However, the appointment of the former CEO of the oil giant ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson to head the US diplomacy, and especially that of Scott Pruitt, a climate-skeptical claimed, to the EPA’s ), Have cause for concern.

If the United States, the main CO2 emitters of the planet, renounced fighting against global warming, the consequences would be catastrophic for the future of the planet.

Beyond the moral aspect of such a measure, its implementation would pose problems. The main difficulty would be to identify and locate undocumented migrants, who by definition are outside the radars of the administration. All of the police, customs, immigration, municipal services and even the national guard would have to be mobilized, which would be very expensive and would prevent the services in question from carrying out their other prerogatives. The deportation of illegal immigrants would also be costly, since it would be necessary to mobilize transport and organize the displacement and expulsion of millions of people. In addition, images of families in tears, seasonal workers trapped in trains and saturated returnees centers, would tarnish the image of the United States abroad.

Washington would also face prosecution over decades by both deported and human rights groups, which could potentially cost a fortune to the US Treasury.

Donald Trump himself could be aware of the difficulty of implementing this measure. According to the Buzzfeed website, he reportedly told New York Times reporters that he would abandon him if he was elected … He has been drinking water since his election, saying Want to expel “two to three million criminals”, instead of eleven million as originally announced.